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Monster Mash Rules

Sunshine Events Group COVID-19 Event Guidelines


Preparing to attend SEG Events

- All players, coaches, fans, vendors, and officials must adhere to the guidelines from the CDC, state, and/or local authorities.

- PGYF will share recommended guidelines with individual team representatives in advance of an event to share with players, coaches, and families.

- Adults 65 years and older and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions are strongly encouraged not to attend events at this time.

- Proactively and regularly check their health status (taking temperature and monitoring for any symptoms) as recommended by the CDC, state, and/or local authorities prior to attending an SEG Event

- Do not come to the event if you or any household member is not feeling well

- Do not come to the event if you or any household member has been exposed to a person with COVID-19 within the past 14 days

- Do not attend an event if you are not comfortable with measures being taken at a facility.

- SEG recommends players, coaches, fans, and officials bring personal hand sanitizer, masks, chairs, and antibacterial wipes to events for personal use

- Any tents brought into a complex is restricted to one household only per tent.

- Spectators for SEG Events may be limited and even excluded as-we-a-Il-work-together during this time.


Entry to Event and Scheduling

-SEG partners with several communities where we host events. Guidelines may be different based on facility requirements and guidelines.

- SEG will schedule teams for only two-game per day during Pool Play to limit the number of teams waiting around the complex to play another game. We will also block their games so there is not an abundance of teams waiting around for their next games.

-There will be no post-game handshake line or pregame coaches’ handshake

- Items not allowed into facilities include team coolers (players must have individual drinks), sunflower seeds, chewing gum.

- Items players may not share helmets, sticks, gloves, bags, elbow pads, chest protectors, mouthpieces, towels, uniforms/clothing, or food/drinks.

- SEG requires that alt staff/vendors all wear nose and mouth coverings while in the facility. Athletes/coaches/officials may wear masks during games if they feel safe to do so but are not required. However, we do recommend they be worn while walking within the facility.

- Everyone must follow 6 feet of social distancing guidelines.

- All SEG employees and officials may be subject to additional screening elements prior to working (i.e. temperature check, individual equipment, health questions, etc.). This includes wearing protective nose and face coverings and following health and safety guidelines.

- Wash hands with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water not available.

- Cover mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing.

- Avoid touching mouth/nose

- Avoid shaking hands or touching

- The facility will ensure the availability of handwashing, alcohol-based hand gel, and/or hygiene facilities are available at their facilities.

- The facility staff will be cleaning all restrooms multiple times per day.


Game Rule Adjustments

- Benches will be extended to allow teams to social distance on the sideline. No parents or spectators will be allowed on the team benches.

- Players are discouraged from touching their face. No unnecessary contact allowed between players, including handshakes, high fives, hugs, chest bumps

- Coaches try to maintain spacing during timeouts and other breaks in play.

- New teams must wait until the previous teams have completely cleared the bench area before they should move into the bench area. DO NOT congregate at the bench are while waiting for the teams to clear. MUST maintain 6-foot social distancing

- No trophy/award ceremonies after games. Coaches will receive all awards in the mail to disperse after the event.  

- Teams are required to clean all trash from the bench areas prior to leaving the facility. If a bench is not clean on arrival, please notify facility staff before entering


Tournament Format - 2021 with COVID 19 policies

  • 2 - 20-minute running halves. Officials will keep time on the field.

  • 5 Minute halftime, 15 minutes Between Games

  • 1 time out per half,  the game clock will stop under 2 minutes left in the game with a time out if the goal differential is less than 3 goals.

  • Overtime will be decided with a Braveheart 2 Field Players and a Goalie

  • Playoffs Games will have 5 - minute sudden-victory overtime, each team will be allowed 1 timeout. if no team scores we will go to a Braveheart

  • (Championship Games will have 10-minute sudden-victory overtime, each team will be allowed 1 timeout. if no team scores we will go to a Braveheart)

  • Each team is guaranteed four games.

  • Divisions are Determined by US Lacrosse age guidelines.  We will not be offering exemptions for age.  Our goal is to ensure fairness in all levels of play. 

  • Players can play on more than one team. However, it cannot be in the same division and they cannot switch teams for playoffs.  If the tournament directors feel that this rule is being abused we reserve the right to make a decision based on the circumstance. 

  • Teams that leave the tournament early not completing their game will not be invited back to the Sunshine State Games unless it is agreed upon by both opponents.  

  • The tournament reserves the right to shorten games, extend games, or cancel games due to inclement weather or injury.


Seeding and Tie Breakers

  • The playoff format will be determined based on the number of entries per division.

  • Seeding will be determined by Record, Head to Head, Goals against, then Goal Differential. An exception may apply in a 3-way tiebreaker.  Please refer to the Tie Breaker Explained in detail page


Game Rules and Penalties


  • Penalties are 1.5 of the infraction time. The timeout can be called; penalty time will stop but the game clock will continue.

  • U8 / U10 - Penalties time served, Max 54" long poles are allowed. 7 v 7 format 

  • There is a 6 goal mercy rule.  The losing team has the option to receive the ball after a goal or continue to face off.  


Rules Specific to Girls

  • There will be no stick check prior to the game

  • The Middle School division follows USL rules pertaining to U13 and U15 rules. Modified checking only- checking only when the entire crosse is below the shoulder level. The check must be in a downward direction away from the body (major foul). No checking above the shoulder.

  • Mouthguards and Protective Eyewear Is Mandatory For All Players

  • Protective headgear Optional


Rules for the Divisions playing 7 V 7 formats


  • For 7 v 7 games: Onside is in effect - 2 Attack, 2 Middies, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie

  • Penalties will not be timed served but the offending player will be subbed out and the other team will be given a 3 v 2 fast break with the other middies trailing 5 yards behind.  

  • A game-ending tied is decided by a 3 v 3 Braveheart (2 field players and a goalie), which begins immediately after regulation time with a faceoff.   No substitutions will be allowed during a Braveheart.   Championship games will go to a 7 v 7 sudden death overtime, each team will be awarded one time out.  

  • Each period begins with a faceoff. Wing middies must be positioned to the left of their faceoff man, at the intersection of the sideline and the midline. Defensemen and attackmen must remain behind the goal line extended until the referee’s signal possession. The goalie must remain in the crease area until possession is signalled


General Rules

  • Flagrant disrespect toward an official, player, or coach may result in ejection from the game and possibly the tournament. Tournament ejections will be at the discretion of the tournament directors.  This rule applies to spectators as well.  

  • Spectators must remain outside of the team areas and off of the fields

  • Please clean up your bench area after. 


Player Waivers

  • Every player must submit a completed waiver to participate. Waivers can be filled out online by selecting the Waivers Tab.

Monster Mash

October 29th - 30th, 2022

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