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GAME TIME: There will be four (4) TWELVE  (12) min. running quarters 48-minute games with 2-time outs one (1) each half these are running time timeouts unless the timeout is taken in the last two minutes of either half. Time will stop. Stoppage at the end of each quarter for ONE (1) MINUTE. The game will start on the hour by the referees. Referees will KEEP game time on the field. Halftime is a mandatory four (4) minutes break.  That’s approximately 54 minutes of game time so each team needs to be ready to play on the hour.


OVERTIME: A (2) minute running time sudden-death overtime period will follow the completion of a tied game.   If the game is still tied after (1) overtime period, a 4v4 Braveheart (1 goalie and 3 mid-fielders) will be used.  In Braveheart 1) Goalies may not cross mid-field, 2) penalties are adjudicated the same as in 10v10 play, 3) no timeouts 4) all substitutions are on the fly.  AP and goal being defended will remain the same during OT and Braveheart.


STICKS: 12u- four (4) Long sticks will be permitted on the field at all times. 


BODY CHECKING: Take out checks are NOT allowed at any level.  All other Age Specific checking Rules apply.


SUBSTITUTION: There is no horn substitution. Special substitution rules (“on the fly”) apply.


TIMEOUTS: One timeout per team per half. Time outs CAN be called in the last 2 minutes of either half.  Game time WILL stop during a time out in the last two (2) minutes of the half or end of the game. Each timeout will be for 1 minute.


PENALTY TIME: Penalty time will be time and a half.  Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties are double time.  The In-Home will serve goalie’s penalties except for USC which the goalie must serve himself.


EJECTION FOULS: Automatic expulsion from the existing game and next game. Fighting will result in expulsion from the event.


EQUIPMENT: All players must conform to standard NFHS equipment rules including mouthpieces, shoulder pads, etc. Goalie arm pads are optional. There are no random stick or equipment checks by the Officials.


ALTERNATING POSSESSION: The first team listed on the schedule will have the first AP if needed.


SPECTATORS:   Spectators are not allowed on the bench side of the field. Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties can be called on parents and it will be a time and a half locked penalty.

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